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Sheilah G. says ~

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Affiliate Earnings

You will earn 40% of all sales of our Mold Detox Diet Course and/or our Advanced Mold Immune Course!  Become an affiliate and get access to your unique links to share.

Promotional Content

We provide promotional  content that you can customize further, to suit your placement, goals and your audience.  No need to reinvent the wheel or struggle with what to say when promoting our programs.

Promotional Graphics

We provide promotional graphics that you can use on websites, in emails, or social media.  This makes sharing our programs EASY and FAST.

Sales Reporting

We provide reporting on clicks and sales that have come through your link, with a 30 day cookie.  Track your commission progress and get paid regularly.

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"I am amazed by the quality of the information presented in the free mini course. I was so impressed that I purchased the full course." ~ Dominique

Watch this full course module 1 video for a taste of the course quality. 



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