Herbal Remedy For Inflammed Gums

As practitioners, our intake form has a section to go over a client's oral health, because oral health is an indication of overall health.

Questions we ask are:

  • How often do you brush?
  • Do you floss daily?
  • How often do you see a dentist?
  • Do you have any: amalgams, crowns, bridges, implants?
  • Have you ever had amalgams removed? Was it done by a biological dentist?
  • Do you have periodontal disease?
  • Are your gums inflamed or infected?

Chronic inflammation can come from a seemingly small area in the body. The fact is that many infections and chronic inflammation in the body come directly from the oral cavity. This needs to be addressed along with fixing the other things you find in your clients!

Herbs Alleviate Inflammation

Herbals have been used for centuries to alleviate gum and teeth infections. They can be used periodically for maintenance of gum health and teeth whitening, too.


This remedy contains two herbs: goldenseal root + myrrh, and clove essential oil.

GOLDENSEAL ROOT – This herb stimulates a powerful Th1 “killer” immune response. I have used this herb in some of my clients that have bacteria/fungal overgrowth in the gut with great success. Topically, it can be used for local inflammation/infections. It is considered one of nature’s antibiotics.

MYRRH – This herb is known for one of the herbs that the three wise men offered as a gift to the baby Jesus. This herb has powerful wound healing capabilities, bringing needed substrates to the site of tissue injury for speedy healing.

CLOVE OIL – This essential oil doubles as an antibiotic and pain reliever. Using this in the oral cavity helps to relieve toothache pain and inflammation.


  • Open 1 capsule of each Goldenseal root and Myrrh.
  • Empty contents of capsules in a 1 oz. shot glass & mix well.
  • Add 1 drop of Clove oil.
  • Then add 1/4 tsp water.
  • Using your finger mix the water and powder until it forms a paste.
  • Cut the top off of a Lipton tea bag. Empty tea contents and discard.
  • Cut the tea bag in 1/2.
  • Fold up one end of each empty tea bag and place 1/2 of the paste in each tea bag.
  • Roll up tea bag. (Save one of the tea bag paste for later.)
  • Wet and place between gum and cheek at the affected area.

You may rotate the paste to different areas of the mouth. Let the packet sit on the inflamed/infected tissue as long as needed several times a day. Continue using for a few days or a few weeks until irritated gum tissue has resolved.

NOTE: If you start experiencing jaw bone pain in the area, then that is a sign that you have stimulated the immune system too far. The herbal effect on the immune system is very localized, and since the immune cells are made in the bone, excessive stimulation can cause the bone in the area to be painful. Simply stop using the remedy for a couple of days. Then you may resume at a decreased duration and frequency as needed.

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