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What Mold Illness Feels Like

Environmental illness, or mystery illness can look like many other things, and since most medical doctors are not trained to assess for it (or treat it), folks can go decades without answers.

MOLD: The #1 Environmental Illness

There are two different mechanisms of mold – There’s the allergy to the mold spores and then the mold produces toxins we call “mycotoxins”, which are very, very toxic.

Mycotoxins can spread and affect the immune system severely.

And it doesn't affect everyone the same, in the same exposure/building. There may be four people living in the house and only one person is sick.

Some Startling Mold Illness Stats

  • 93% of chronic sinus infections are from mold illness
  • 40% of asthma episodes are triggered by mold, dust mites, or rats

Mold Illness Symptoms

As mentioned in this post, allergies can be from pollen, but they can also be from mold.

Mold sensitivity doesn’t always “fit the mold” of what most people call an...

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Healing Lyme: Understanding Mold, the Limbic System & the Vagus Nerve

inflammation lyme Apr 01, 2021

Listen as Dr. Margaret Christensen and Mimi MacLean, mom of 5 and Lyme Warrior, discuss chronic Lyme and the connection to mold.

You can find the podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Some main points discussed:

  1. When someone comes to you with unsolved chronic symptoms, how do you approach testing, diagnosing, and finding the root cause of disease?
  2. When someone comes to you when they were first diagnosed with Lyme disease, what are your first steps?
  3. What treatments have you seen the most success with chronic Lyme and getting to the root cause of any chronic illness?
  4. Mold is one of my triggers that I have had a hard time eradicating from my life. I would love to dive into the topic of mold?
  5. What can people do to find out if they have it? How do they get rid of mold?
  6. Can we address mold in the home? Do you have to get rid of all your personal belongings if you find out you have mold in the home?
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Why Your Immune System Might Be Polarized and Causing Histamine Sensitivity

inflammation lyme Mar 04, 2021

Listen as Dr. Gail Clayton and Mimi MacLean, mom of 5 and Lyme Warrior, discuss the acid-base balance, blood chemistry lab values, diet and mast cell stabilization. 

You can find the podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Some main points discussed:

  1. One of the things that is really overlooked when stabilizing mast cells is the acid-base balance. This can be assessed by looking at your blood chemistry laboratory values of carbon-dioxide , sodium, and potassium. You want to see them pretty much in the middle of the reference range. High or low of any of these values may suggest an imbalance.
  2. Diet is very important. Whether you are following the Whole-30 or Auto-immune Paleo, your diet may still have to be modified further depending on what is going on with your gut and immune system.
  3. You may or may not have an auto-immune disease, but your immune system may be "polarized" in that direction which is very inflammatory. Good tissue perfusion and oxygen supply is first-line to...
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Herbal Remedy For Inflammed Gums

inflammation Feb 05, 2021

As practitioners, our intake form has a section to go over a client's oral health, because oral health is an indication of overall health.

Questions we ask are:

  • How often do you brush?
  • Do you floss daily?
  • How often do you see a dentist?
  • Do you have any: amalgams, crowns, bridges, implants?
  • Have you ever had amalgams removed? Was it done by a biological dentist?
  • Do you have periodontal disease?
  • Are your gums inflamed or infected?

Chronic inflammation can come from a seemingly small area in the body. The fact is that many infections and chronic inflammation in the body come directly from the oral cavity. This needs to be addressed along with fixing the other things you find in your clients!

Herbs Alleviate Inflammation

Herbals have been used for centuries to alleviate gum and teeth infections. They can be used periodically for maintenance of gum health and teeth whitening, too.


This remedy contains two herbs: goldenseal root + myrrh, and clove essential oil.


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