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practitioners Mar 21, 2019

Dr. Christensen bought the TOXIC MOLD summit to you because there is such a need to get information about mold illness to practitioners, and to broaden the awareness. It was a labor of love on her part!

How the Mold Detox Diet Course Came to Be

When Dr. Clayton and Dr. Christensen first met, they talked about how so many people are sick and:

  • the doctors that work with mold illness are spread so thin
  • doctors are struggling to help their patients with both medical modalities, and nutritional training

They decided to join forces to create an online Mold Detox Diet Course that gives you everything you need, to boost your patient's mold illness recovery. "We did all the work for you!"

The #1 Thing Patients Can Do to Recover from Mold Illness

The most beneficial thing that your patients can do to recover from mold illness is to change their diet.

This is how Dr. Clayton and Dr. Christensen started their own recovery journeys, that you heard about, during the Toxic Mold Summit....

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