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We all know that healing from mold illness includes a LOT of detoxing. But what happens if your current protocol doesn’t include the appropriate nutrition?

Where does it all go wrong?

  • Most detox programs include binders and pharmaceuticals, but don’t address the fact that we are continuing to put toxins in our bodies that we aren’t even aware of!
  • Most doctors don’t educate their patients on how to safely lower their toxic load and reduce exposure to toxins in their foods and in their environment. 

The more toxic your body is, the less likely that you will be able to detox without having bad symptoms that make you feel worse. This is because we become so inflamed from the mold toxins that it actually blocks the body’s ability to rid itself of toxins!

What’s Fat Got to Do with It?

When there is a high level of circulating toxins, the body tries to reduce the damage from them by shunting them into hiding or storage places to reduce damage to our body. The favorite hiding places for mold and chemical toxins is in the fat cells.

Most likely you were exposed to mold toxins chronically which used up your antioxidants that help protect our cells from DNA damage. Also, since your toxic load on the liver was probably really high for a long time, the nutrients that are needed for binding to the toxins have been depleted! This SHUTS DOWN the detoxification in the liver.

The Liver Is the Main Detoxification Organ

Toxins go through two phases in the liver before they are dumped into the urine or feces.

The 1st phase involves creating a reaction that so that an amino acid can be added to it in phase 2 to make it water soluble. This reaction makes the toxin even more toxic, so the body protects itself by using antioxidants to prevent damage. If the antioxidants aren’t present then we are in big trouble because this toxic intermediate will be released into circulation causing damage to tissues and organs, and can even cause cancer.

Trying to Detox Without the Right Ingredients Is a Failed Recipe

The liver needs vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and quality amino acids to get toxins out of the body. If any of these ingredients are missing then detoxification doesn’t work, and stimulating the release of toxins from their storage sites will just add to the circulating toxic burden. That is when you have detox reactions feeling sick with flu-like symptoms or worse!

This Is Where the Mold Detox Diet Comes In

This is how Dr. Clayton and Dr. Christensen started their recovery journeys that you heard about during the Toxic Mold Summit. [ToxicMoldProject.com]

We know it works! Not only did we recover from our toxic mold illness, many of our clients have recovered, using our methods, too.

We felt strongly about creating an affordable self-paced detox diet course that you can use to start your mold detox journey successfully. We don't want you feeling worse while detoxing. We want your body to have all the nutritional support it needs to do what it does best, DETOX safely and naturally.


This mold detox diet course consists of 3 modules with 14 videos, and loads of handouts, meal plans, recipes, and resources to assist you. We have done all the work for you!

Snacks. Did we mention snacks? Yes, those are included, along with yummy recipes for healing foods.

Course Benefits

  • Watch the modules over and over! (Moldy brains need extra repetition. We get it.)
  • Lifetime access and FREE updates or additions (we notify you)
  • Upgrade discount for the “next steps for an enhanced detox” when it becomes available.

The course is regularly $197, but to celebrate the TOXIC MOLD SUMMIT success, we are extending the special price of $59.

Act now! This offer expires soon on 5-20-19.



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