What Mold Illness Feels Like

Environmental illness, or mystery illness can look like many other things, and since most medical doctors are not trained to assess for it (or treat it), folks can go decades without answers.

MOLD: The #1 Environmental Illness

There are two different mechanisms of mold – There’s the allergy to the mold spores and then the mold produces toxins we call “mycotoxins”, which are very, very toxic.

Mycotoxins can spread and affect the immune system severely.

And it doesn't affect everyone the same, in the same exposure/building. There may be four people living in the house and only one person is sick.

Some Startling Mold Illness Stats

  • 93% of chronic sinus infections are from mold illness
  • 40% of asthma episodes are triggered by mold, dust mites, or rats

Mold Illness Symptoms

As mentioned in this post, allergies can be from pollen, but they can also be from mold.

Mold sensitivity doesn’t always “fit the mold” of what most people call an allergy. In fact, it can be debilitating, as Houstonian Jennifer Josey knows all too well. “My ability to function or think clearly or have any type of concentration was near impossible. I had chronic sinus infections and severe anxiety,” explains Jennifer.

Mold expert and clinical Nutritionist, Dr. Gail Clayton, who helped Jennifer recover from her toxic mold illness, explains the typical symptoms. “They typically are waking up a lot at night, can’t get sleep, extremely inflamed all over and start developing digestive issues and develop chemical sensitivity.” 

Any kind of water damage (flood, pipe burst, leakage) can facilitate the growth of a mold in as soon as 24-48 hours. (Source: https://realtimelab.com/mold-statistics/)

Some mold illness symptoms:

  • allergies
  • hypersensitivities
  • asthma, wheezing, coughing
  • memory loss
  • anxiety & depression
  • fatigue
  • insomnia

Are you suffering the affects of toxic mold exposure?

Mold toxicity is more common than most people realize. “I would say at least 40 percent of the people that come to me end up being mold poisoned,” says Dr. Gail Clayton.


So what's the solution?

Dr. Gail Clayton outlines specific lifestyle and nutritional changes in her “Mold Detox Diet” course to help recover from mold illness.

Our goal – is to restore your life so you can go back to work, you can go back to your life, you can go back to parenting, going back to being a good spouse and being present because when you’re sick you just can’t be present for anybody,” adds Dr. Clayton.

Enroll in our Mold Detox Diet course, to start opening your natural detox pathways in your body, so you can detox mycotoxins safely. Enroll here.

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